fun перевод

Mой 2018-й (писал на английском для других соцсетей, времени переводить на русский нет. Извиняйте!)

I got a lot of media attention in Russia and China, even been featured in many major Russian and Chinese outlets including Peoples Daily, China Today etc.

Most of this attention was about LaowaiMe brand. Hobby and fun project is becoming real business. We sold more than 4K items this year and got many investments offers.

We with our partners launched startup accelerator in China TealDANCE as UCHINA company is more focusing on hardware and high tech.

I gave over 100 hours of lectures and speeches including MBA program and huge China Business Forum with 2500 ppl audience.

We organized 3 business tours focused on China Tech for entrepreneurs and companies. Our project InChina.Tours is growing fast. At least 5 tours will be next year.

Our EKD team made Travel brochure for Tourism Bureau of Shandong province. The first government order!

I participated in the first regatta in my life in Croatia.

First time on Chinese TV. Twice this year! Mango TV and Guangdong TV, both are top channels in China.

4 new countries, dozens of new cities and regions. Over 30 flights and over 50 business trips.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Keep calm and 多喝热水

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  • Елена Дондук

    Плодотворный год)) Прямо хочется с чем-то из перечисленного поздравить
    С наступающим!

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